About Fatih Buzgan

  • Cross country mountain biker and trainer
  • Ultracyclist
  • Marathoner and Ultramarathoner
  • Endurance athlete since 1989

After trying different distances and disciplines, focused on marathon, ultramarathon, ultracycling categories and by improving himself in these, he has been helping his trainees.

Why Fatih Buzgan?

Contrast to other training websites and services, there are modification options for the training program you purchased. There is no need to buy a program again or waste your investment by giving up from your program.

You may consult 7 days a week and 24 hours a day and will get a response in a short time. You don’t have to wait for the traditional working hours policy.


To raise any individual’s awareness who is into sports while leading them to become success/progressive focused sportsperson.

Helping people who havent been introduced to sports yet, to become lifelong strong, healthy, agile, younger-looking even at age 80, happy, successful in both their bussiness and private life.


Aino Salmi

My dream was to complete my first marathon in 3 months time when I came across and started training with Fatih as his client. He tailored me a running program that would fit to my hectic lifestyle and other sport passions. Already early stage he made me to understand what needs to be fixed to be able to achieve my goal in a limited time frame including not only running routines but importance of sufficient and healthy nutrition as well as adequate sleep.

During the training period I felt really strong and energetic after each training session and with help of Fatih’s supportive, enthusiastic and encouraging personality and way of coaching I felt more peaceful and comfortable about my skills and the race ahead. He was always there to give me advice, hints and support when needed and never felt that I didn’t get a useful and thorough answer to my never ending stream of questions.

Although my goal was to be able to complete marathon, I noticed my pace and endurance in running improved a lot and in the final line of the race I was very close to my ideal time.

In addition to making improvement in my physical health I noticed progression in overall wellbeing as well.

Training with Fatih has been great, rewarding and motivating and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a warm-hearted yet ambitious coach to give you a strong helping hand to achieve your running goals.

Aino SalmiLawyer
Anne Stuart

I am very excited to be training with Fatih. I became his client three weeks ago to work on two specific goals: weight loss and increased fitness level.  I have been very happy with the help he has been giving me. Fatih not only has been training with me in my running, but from the very beginning, he has coached me in my whole lifestyle – checking to see that my diet, exercise, and sleep are all balanced. He pays attention to details (my heartrate, energy level, etc.) and my workouts have been extraordinary.

Last week when we trained together, I was very tired, but he ran beside me, motivated me to keep running and, in the end, I ran a longer distance than we had planned.

I feel stronger and more motivated now. Making the small changes to my running posture and eating a diet balanced in carbohydrates and protein, I have been getting closer to meeting my goals, and I feel terrific!

Thank you so much, Fatih!

Anne StuartEnglish Teacher
Julica Ortlinghaus

This is by far the best training program I have ever been on! Running programs tailored by Fatih are both fun and effective. My training program was designed to improve my strength and speed in order to achieve a better time in my fifth marathon. (from my last 3:51 to 3:45).

Speed and interval workouts have never been so much fun as with Fatih. Best of all is my pace has increased and I can run faster with less effort. The workouts that once seemed so hard now became much easier and enjoyable.

But it does not stop here: Fatih taught me that improving my speed is not only about harder training, but that a balanced nutrition and sufficient recovery (sleep) are just as important.

Fatih is a very committed coach who constantly adjusted the training program based on my performance and provided all of the structure I needed to attain my goal. I will definitely use Fatih and his training programs for my future races again.

I strongly recommend Fatih to anyone looking to take their running to the next level.

Thank you Coach!


I have been a passionate runner for many years: running keeps my body toned, keeps me well-balanced, gives me energy and helps me to keep my positive attitude in times of stress. When I learned I was pregnant I did what I could continue doing what sure I was doing before my pregnancy. So I continued exercising and listened very Carefully to my body.

Thanks to Fatih I got in touch with another pregnant athlete who gave me recommendations and Encouraged me to continue working out.She recommended books about excising as a mother-to-be. Reading books thesis gave me a lot of comfort and encouragement. I learned thatthere are plenty of benefits for a mom-Health to-be and thatthere are even more benefits for the baby: Exercise Improves the blood supply of the placenta, the organ vital feeding the baby with nutrient and oxygen. Babies of mothers exercising are healthier at birth and better manage the stress of delivery. In addition theyhave a lower heart rate and sleep through the night sooner.

After I knew of All These benefits, I could laugh at how people can make you feel guilty for just continuing your regular exercise routine When You Are Pregnant.

My baby boy is surely a rare example: He won a medal for the marathon competing in Washington DC Three months before his birth!

Julica OrtlinghausLawyer