• I’ll be participating in a 10k race for the first time, what should I do to work with you?

    Please send me an email from the contact section to get a successful and enjoyable 10k race experience. I’ll send you all the details.

  • Bu 15. Maratonum olacak fakat antrenörle çalışmanın bana ne faydası olacak, emin değilim.

    There are also some people among my trainees who has already ran 25 times a half marathon and 4 times a marathon. Unquestionably, human being has a strong physical and mental power. External influences such as busy city life, stress coming from your workplace, challenges in your private life, sickness, etc. your motivation may suddenly decrease and disappear. If you commit yourself to a program and a goal for a long term in long distance race preparation with a trainer, it’ll be beneficial. It’ll guarantee that you do not to give up by your trainer’s support, experience, motivation , in any obstacle you may come across in this long and tough duration. Besides, you’ll improve yourself with less risk by being far from overconfidence and less prone to injuries, by the help of an experienced view.

  • Where and how do you do the one on one workouts?

    Since I live in Izmir city, one on one workouts are being done in different parts of Izmir centrum depending on the workout’s type. But, as long as you pay for your trainer’s transportation and accomodation expenses besides one-on-one workout fee, you are able to have one on one workout with your trainer anywhere. Due to your schedule (preferably early in the morning) we meet and do the workout together. If it isn’t necessary for your trainer to run beside you, he may accompany you with his bike.

  • I tried every diet to loose weight but none of them worked. May I loose weight by working with you?

    Sure you can! First you need to believe yourself, then your trainer and you will work together on a realistic daily nutrition plan. By following your trainer’ specifications strictly, you will lose weight.

  • How much time you give about loosing weight?

    This varies depending on the person, his/her current weight, age, life style. It may take 2 weeks for a few pounds loose and it may take 2 to 3 months in higher expectations.

  • I ride a mountain bike and thinking about participating in road bike races. Do you train people for these kinds of competitions?

    Yes, I do. If your current bike is eligible for racing, we ride together and I start to share the points we need to improve to you. Then, depending on how soon is your race and your schedule, I prepare a training plan for you.

  • Will I have an estimated race time if I buy a program from you?

    There is an approximate estimated race time in many programs I write. This provides my trainee to be able to focus on the goal and be able to compete with a more strategic plan on race day. For sure, health issues happen during the preparation period, skipped workouts, and other variables might cause a motivation loss or affect the target time, but estimated times are mostly close to the real time.

  • Which approach you follow in trainership?

    I’ve a trainee focused, detailed, sincere, idealistic, conscientious, as far from risk as possible, mostly scientific, following, success oriented approach.